What Clients and Colleagues Say About Mark Gardner

Testimonials and Recommendations About Mark’s Life Skills Coaching

Compared to a counselor and pastors I’ve talked with in the past, Mark listens better and offers more encouragement.  He’s easy to talk to, non-judgmental, and has a good sense of humor.  I like working with him because he’s flexible, all biblically oriented, and easy-going.  I’ve found I’ve always gotten out of it whatever I need to.  I would say to anyone considering Life Coaching with Mark, “Try it!”

–Mary Vice Winter, Optometric Technician, Ohio 

I especially appreciate Mark’s insightfulness and thought provoking questions, which pushed me to examine my inadequate relationship with God and how to use my skills and talents for helping others.  Mark shares his personal experiences as appropriate and resources available for assistance in attaining one’s goals.

Through Mark’s coaching, I have found a loving and supportive church family and divorce support group.  By understanding and leveraging my talents and skills, my professional life has improved my personal satisfaction and financial rewards.  I am learning how God wants me to use my gifts in my life plan.  Most importantly, Mark helped me identify my need for a closer relationship with God and increased spirituality in my life. 

–Christine Hamel, Banking professional, Cleveland, Ohio

Mark is a Christian.  However, the sessions are only as faith-based as the client wants them to be.  Mark is a listener.  He then asks questions to build on what he has heard.  With gentle guidance Mark helps others learn more about themselves, and their possibilities for a positive, hopeful future.

–Karen, Publication Editor, Ohio

Mark served a pivotal role in earlier years with my wife, our daughter, and me in working through some difficult issues.  During the latter part of a three years pastorate from 1998-2001, I met with Mark again to explore discontent I was experiencing with that ministry. Mark agreed to serve as my “spiritual director” for a season.

As Mark and I met on a monthly basis for about six months, he gently guided me with probing questions and reflections on what I was sensing, feeling, and hearing/not hearing from God.  He simply and profoundly offered me a safe place to unpack my thoughts and feelings and gain some much-needed clarity.

I wholeheartedly recommend Mark Gardner as a Christian Life Coach and Spiritual Director.

Rev. Eric C. Anspaugh, Senior Pastor, Florin Church of the Brethren
Mount Joy, Penn.

Mark is safe—someone I can trust.  He’s friendlier than counselors and pastors I’ve been to.  He gives me confidence, helping me find the right approach to whatever I’m working on.  This is the best help I’ve ever experienced from anyone.

–40-year old mom and horse lover, Ohio

Mark is God-focused, professional, and genuinely wants to see others grow spiritually and mature.  He listens to me, is comfortable and easy to talk to, but can be tough when needed (but gentle when doing it).  He has a real concern and love for people.  I would say to anyone considering coaching to go and investigate it and try it out for more than two sessions.

–Pastor’s wife, Southwest Ohio

Mark Gardner is gentle, caring, concerned, intelligent, and honest.  He is relaxed.  He allows people to come to their own conclusions. He asks, not tells people, how they feel.  I leave feeling that I can do anything; I’m refreshed and re-energized.

Mark’s capable and concerned coaching helps people from all walks of life: business, ministry, or simply those trying to “figure it out,” to find the center, reconnect with who they may be, or who they dreamed of being, and help them to reach their potential.

–Lisa Marling, Ph.D., University Professor, Richmond, IN

If you are a Christian, Mark will bring the elements in God’s word forward in a way that will make, and enhance your understanding.

–Curtis Scholl, Eaton, Ohio; telecommunications technician

I have truly been blessed to have Rev. Gardner as my mentor.  I have found him to be caring, giving, compassionate.  He assists you with thinking through your habits, daily practices and functions to guide you through solutions that you never thought you could, or ever would accomplish.  I was able to determine what God really wanted to accomplish in my life. Rev. Gardner’s expertise is certainly beyond all my expectations.  For myself and everyone that I have referred to him, he has been an invaluable source of help and strength.  It is without reservation that I recommend Rev. Mark Gardner to you.

–Rev. Charles E. Rinehart, Pastor, Cornerstone Church of the Brethren
Lewisburg, Ohio

He’s compassionate, he cares, and he is there for as long as it takes.

–Marlene Frantz, Eaton, Ohio; Business Owner

Mark has been a colleague and friend of mine for several years. We have worked closely together in ministry relating to people from all walks of life.

Mark has that special ability to discern what is at the heart of people as they strive to work through life issues.  I have seen, firsthand, how his life coaching and caring direction have helped people through difficult times to a greater sense of self-worth as children of God.

I highly recommend Mark to those seeking to find new spiritual direction for their lives.  He is a man of God with a heart for people

–The late Rev. Bruce K. Dillon, when he was Assoc. Pastor
Eaton (Ohio) Church of the Brethren

I came to Mark for Life Coaching because I wanted to start our marriage out on the right foot. I wanted to improve communication skills and any other skills needed to have a successful marriage. Mark introduced a lot of issues that could possibly come up in a marriage so that we could discuss those issues and how we could deal with them without being destructive to our relationship.

–Michelle Alcorn, Indiana Court Reporter 

I came to Mark because I needed coaching to deal with the ramifications of Crohn’s Disease affecting my life and my business.  I have been self-employed since 1989 and sickness caused me to cut my work by more than 80%.

For the first time EVER, I understood WHY I believe inaccurate things and let everything go to my gut.  I have felt better since August 25, 2008 than I have during the past ten years.  I have gone from 14 prescriptions per a day, down to 9.  THAT is a miracle.

The inner healing has blessed my relationships in ways I could not imagine.  I am learning boundaries with people and with my work.  My thinking is healthy.  I continue to keep a journal and refer to it often so I do not return to inaccurate thinking.

I highly recommend Mark Gardner for individuals who are struggling with health AND with life issues.  Mark is well-educated, yet caring.  Remember, it gets REALLY hard just before the miracle happens, so don’t stop!  Working with Mark WILL empower you to be who God created you to be.

–Kathy Romeo, Eaton, Ohio; Business and Marketing Coach

The best thing about Mark is that no matter what the situation, he always has the right information to help me.  I came to him to find my life purpose and did.  He’s very spiritual and helpful, and he encourages me and cares about me.  I really appreciate that he prays with me.

–Jenni Carson, Liberty, Ind.; Farm Wife and Factory Employee

Just a word of appreciation and thanks.  I’m a better man and Christian for having known you Mark. 

59 year-old Ohio Salesman

I needed to find out who I was.  I was able to establish that I am my own person, and to learn that God really does love you….  Mark is an awesome coach and I appreciate all that I have learned from him.

–34 year-old Ohio Postal Worker

About Mark’s “Save My Marriage!”  Workshop Series

The Lord had me in the right place at the right time.  I thought I would just wander into Mark Gardner’s coaching workshop at my church.  I said to myself, “Well here I am in another class,“  not knowing it would change my whole way of thinking, and thus my life.

It’s nice to breathe again.  I had never been in this type of coaching.  I could see myself for the first time taking an exit off the wandering road.

If your life, heart, and soul is lacking, I can say with happiness in mine, this series is a must for everyone.  Thank the Lord for sending these truths through Mark.  Come prepared for a life changing event.

–Shar Powell, Lewisburg, Ohio