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What Happens in Disciple-Making Group Meetings?

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This is 3rd in a series about a new ministry that Christie and I will begin in 2 weeks. The first post was Disciple-making small group begins in March.

Last week, in Disciple-making small groups. What Are They? I shared how our group will be like Jesus’ model for training his disciples and what you will learn if you come.


  • What happens in a typical disciple-making group meeting
  • How our small group meetings are different
  • Our whole-person training is life-transforming
  • FAQs about small-group disciple making

What Happens in a Typical Small-Group Meeting?

Christie and I have been leading home-based, small-group bible studies and disciplemaking for over 30 years. In most of …

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Disciple-making small groups. What Are They?

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What Are Disciple-making Small Groups?

As announced last week in my post, Disciple-making small group begins in March, Christie and I will begin a small group in our home patterned on Jesus’ disciplemaking model. Please read that post for the full announcement. Four people have already expressed interest.


  • An overview of Jesus’ disciple-making model
  • How we’ll use Jesus’ model in our group
  • What you’ll learn in our group


When Jesus began his ministry, he needed to train people as quickly as possible to take responsibility for his mission of building God’s kingdom on earth. He didn’t know how much time he had before he would be killed.

He shared with

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Live Like Jesus and the Apostles: How to Make Disciples — Part 3

Have you wondered what it was like to be an apostle of Jesus?  Living daily with him, learning from him, being his close friend. Watching him do miracles. Eventually, discovering that you can have a real impact in others’ lives and do the same things Jesus does. This current blog series on how to do disciplemaking like Jesus teaches you how to learn the basics of living that way. In this post, I answer many of the questions and concerns you’ve asked.  You can find my first post in this series here, and it has a link to the second post.

Thank you to new subscribers of my posts/updates by email or on my Facebook ministry page (https://www.facebook.com/MarkGardner.lifecoach).

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Transform Your Life & Church with Jesus’ Disciplemaking Method Part 2

Thanks again

Thank you for the helpful feedback on my first post on how Jesus trained disciples. It helps me help you. As before, the answers to questions require more space than I can provide in a few posts, so I’ll keep writing on disciplemaking, but the best way to learn more is to let me coach you and invite me to your church to present my free one-hour disciplemaking workshop.

I wanted to get this to you quickly, so didn’t take time to make a video version.  I’ll try to include that on the next post.

What was in Part 1?

In Part 1 (find it here), I shared how Jesus’ disciplemaking method transformed millions of lives and …

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