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I’m Making Some Ministry Changes

Here’s a progress report on my life and ministry:

Book Revision Completed!

At last! After 6+ years of writing and rewriting, I sent my editor the last pages of my book on how to overcome life’s problems and live the Abundant Life Jesus promised. Titled Driving Through Heaven, I plan to publish it this January, 2015.The book will teach you all of God’s basic New Testament principles and skills for living in his Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

New Ministry Direction: Saving Dying Churches

God has directed me to expand my focus to saving as many churches as possible. With 90% of America’s churches in decline, the need is huge. I train pastors and congregations in Jesus’ method of …

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Made to Be Like God #4–Relationships

Our Relational Dimension

This is the 4th in a series of five posts on the Five Dimensions with Which God Made us .

Links to the previous posts are at the bottom of this post, and briefly introduce our spiritual, intellectual, and emotional dimensions.

Relationships are 4th in priority because our spiritual health and thinking controls how we act in relationships, and our emotions are essential for communicating.  God made us to live interdependently with him and others.

We cannot experience the Abundant Life he promised us without many caring relationships in which we give and receive love.  Healthy fulfilling relationships are dependent upon how well we use relational skills.

Relational Skills We All Need to do Well

Here are

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What One Person Can Do to Improve Any Relationship

When faced with relationship problems the other person doesn’t want to resolve, what can we do? Half of my work with conflict has been with just one person. Individuals I taught have been just as successful in improving their relationships as couples I have coached. This is because one person improving behavior toward another changes the dynamics in the relationship. When we intentionally use healthier, more helpful skills, our effort will often lead to the other person changing in healthier ways, improving the relationship.

There are no guarantees acting more mature will save or improve a relationship, but it can’t hurt, and the person making the effort will be happier and have better skills for all relationships: with kids, friends, …

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Coping When Your Spouse or Partner Leaves You

Losing a spouse to death or divorce is a terrible experience. Both produce a flood of emotions; often a sense of guilt and/or failure; and difficulty thinking clearly and making decisions.

Here are some suggestions for coping with the loss when a partner leaves the relationship:

GO TO GOD FOR GUIDANCE. He knows you and your spouse well, and what you both need. Ask what you need to do, and what, if anything, you can do for your partner. Realize that if the person has left the relationship, it may not be possible to convince them to return. Consider seeking guidance from clergy or a spiritual director.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Seek support from family and friends. Talking with trusted …

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