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Book Cover Finished / Release Date Pushed to July 1

Driving Through Heaven Cover Completed

driving-through-heaven-full-cover image

I thought you might like to see what the full cover for Driving Through Heaven looks like.

The graphic artist is finishing the final touches on the complete cover as it will go to the printer. The cover will be printed separately on card stock, then wrapped around the printed pages and glued to the spine.

You can view a clearer, PDF version of the full cover art here.

Next in the paperback publishing process will be to print a single copy for me to check that everything looks okay. Meanwhile, work has begun on formatting the book interior into the two digital versions available on the internet.

Book Release Date Moved to July 1,

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Mark’s March Newsletter

News and information about Mark Gardner’s disciple-making and life-coaching ministries

Mark Gardner's newsletter image


  • You can still join us, even if you didn’t come to the info meeting–please RSVP so we know how much food to have: 937-456-6817
  • Subject of our first course: Deepen Your Relationship with God–hear his voice, know his will, understand his plan for humanity
  • We meet weekly – no cost (donations accepted for materials)
  • Light meal at 6 pm: pizza, salad, chips
  • Facebook Small Group Page coming soon


Driving-Through-Heaven-cover-image          Image-title-and-sample-page-for-Driving-Through-Heaven

  • The front cover (above) is finished and I am reviewing the interior layout for any revisions needed (the image above shows the actual title page and page 2)—more info
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Disciple-making small group begins in March

Image of Disciple Making Group Announcement

I'm convinced that the only hope for the future of the American church is to return to Jesus' disciple-making method. In order to provide a place for people to learn his model for training Christ follower to be more like him, I will begin a small group experience similar to that of the home churches in the New Testament.

I will begin leading a disciple-making small group in our home in March for those of you in the Eaton area. 

Here’s the announcement about it.  I hope you can come to the information meeting.


  • Disappointed with traditional churches? Not in a church now?
  • Or, in a church and wanting to learn Jesus’ disciple-making method to teach at your
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My Story of Writing Driving Through Heaven

What Writer George Orwell and I have In Common

You may have read English novelist George Orwell’s Animal Farm or Nineteen Eighty Four in school. He once said, “Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout with some painful illness.” I totally agree. The book I’m about to self-publish has been a long, difficult experience.

With my book launch this Sat., Oct. 17 in Eaton, and many people asking about the book, I thought I’d share some of my experience.


Facebook Book Launch Event Newsfeed Image 10.2015







God Called One Night

God occasionally wakes me at night when he can’t get my daytime attention. One occurrence was Dec. 1, 1995. When I asked what he wanted …

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Live Like Jesus and the Apostles: How to Make Disciples — Part 3

Have you wondered what it was like to be an apostle of Jesus?  Living daily with him, learning from him, being his close friend. Watching him do miracles. Eventually, discovering that you can have a real impact in others’ lives and do the same things Jesus does. This current blog series on how to do disciplemaking like Jesus teaches you how to learn the basics of living that way. In this post, I answer many of the questions and concerns you’ve asked.  You can find my first post in this series here, and it has a link to the second post.

Thank you to new subscribers of my posts/updates by email or on my Facebook ministry page (https://www.facebook.com/MarkGardner.lifecoach).

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