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How to Recover from the Death of a Loved One

A friend recently contacted me to ask how to heal after a relative died.  Her loved one was the last of his generation, and his passing left some unresolved family issues, as is true in most families.

What to do to heal your grief when a loved one dies

  • Expect healing to take time 

Expect six months of the worst grief, then gradual healing for about two years total.  Most people tell me they feel much better after the first anniversary of the death, and after the second year, most say they are back to functioning and feeling about the same as before the death.  Of course, for a while to come we may find grief returning around holidays, anniversaries, …

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Only God can help you make the internal changes you need

To experience the Abundant Life of the fruit of the Spirit, which is lots of love, joy, peace, and rest—God must help. In order to let God change us into the people he created us to become, we must decide to:

  • Stop living according to human, worldly rules.
  • Adopt God’s thinking and behavior.
  • Relinquish our desires.
  • Submit to God’s purpose for us.
  • Follow only Jesus as our Lord, brother, and friend.

The benefits of a transformed life

I know that it sounds difficult to let God change your life, but here are the rewards of his transforming us:

  • God changes us to be like him: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally,
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Made to be Like God #5–Our Physical Dimension

This is the last post in the series on the five dimensions God gave us.  When he made us he could have placed us right in heaven.  Why didn’t he?  The answers have important implications for life on earth.

We are Spirits with Bodies

Our spiritual nature is the most important of our dimensions:  spiritual, thinking, emotions, relationships, and physical.  Some reasons why God also gave us bodies:

  • To enable us to enjoy his creation.  Spirits have no physical senses, but God delights making physical things and living with them, and wants us to know that same joy.  Imagine life without being able to smell pies baking, hear babies laughing, see rainbows, taste strawberries, and feel all of the wonderful
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What One Person Can Do to Improve Any Relationship

When faced with relationship problems the other person doesn’t want to resolve, what can we do? Half of my work with conflict has been with just one person. Individuals I taught have been just as successful in improving their relationships as couples I have coached. This is because one person improving behavior toward another changes the dynamics in the relationship. When we intentionally use healthier, more helpful skills, our effort will often lead to the other person changing in healthier ways, improving the relationship.

There are no guarantees acting more mature will save or improve a relationship, but it can’t hurt, and the person making the effort will be happier and have better skills for all relationships: with kids, friends, …

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