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God’s Holy Spirit: How to Have a Relationship with God, Part 2

My first post on having a personal relationship with God shared how that is possible and how to begin it. This post explains how God interacts with us through his Holy Spirit.

Basic facts about the Holy Spirit

  • The Holy Spirit, as a member of God’s Trinity, is one with God and the same as God.
  • God the Father and Jesus, the Son, speak through the Holy Spirit; he is God’s connection with us.
  • The Holy Spirit is a person of God in his own right, and interacts with us in several ways.

Five ways the Holy Spirit acts in our lives

The Holy Spirit joins his spirit and mind with ours

Read John 14:15-17 from the story of the …

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How to Have a Relationship with Your Heavenly Father

It is easy to relate with our heavenly Dad because he made us to be like him

God encouraged me to refer to him as “Dad” to help me think of him that way. Jesus was the first to refer to God as “Dad.” In the gospels, he calls our heavenly father “Abba,” which is Jesus’ native Aramaic language for dad or daddy.

Early in Genesis, God tells us that he made us in his image—like him in ways critical to relating with him. Knowing what we are like helps us to understand God.  Here are some of our characteristics that are the same as God:

  • We have a mind made like God’s, processing thoughts as he does.
  • We have
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The First Time I Heard God’s Voice

The first time I heard God’s voice was when I was living in Puerto Rico.  As with most who hear his voice, it comes to me as a quiet voice within my mind and heart, not audibly.  But the first time was during a two-year quest to learn who God is.  That adventure began while I was in the U.S. Navy serving aboard a ship in the Mediterranean Sea, which I may relate in another post.  Entering the Navy, I was an agnostic, not convinced that God existed or had done me any good, but I retained a healthy skepticism regarding the divine.  My experience on that ship changed that.

Then, in February 1978, the Navy transferred me to a …

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9 Ways God Speaks To People

A question people often ask me is “How can I know God’s will?”  Here are nine biblical ways God speaks today and how to use them:

  1. Through the bible.  Before reading a passage, ask God to use it to answer a question, or tell you what to do.  The experience of many is that God gives personal messages through whatever scripture we read.  We can also study particular topics or words that relate to our needs.  For these, get help from study bibles and Internet bible resources with topical indexes or word concordances.
  2. Hearing his voice aloud.  While this is rare, I have had several people tell me they heard God’s voice speak out loud.  As with Moses, God usually
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