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What Did Jesus Do When He Didn’t Like What Was Happening To His Culture And Country?

Many friends have shared with me their concern about the state of our country and world. Jesus faced very similar challenges:

  • A national population moving away from God.
  • Decreasing moral values in his culture.
  • Too much poverty and suffering.
  • Other religions becoming more prominent in his homeland.
  • And a national government that did not care about these and other issues important to Jesus and his heavenly Father.

So what did Jesus do about it?

His response is the key for us to know how best to respond to conditions in our country. We need to act the same way he acted. What did Jesus spend more time doing than anything else? Answer: making disciples. Yes, he preached to the multitudes

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Transform Your Life & Church with Jesus’ Disciplemaking Method Part 2

Thanks again

Thank you for the helpful feedback on my first post on how Jesus trained disciples. It helps me help you. As before, the answers to questions require more space than I can provide in a few posts, so I’ll keep writing on disciplemaking, but the best way to learn more is to let me coach you and invite me to your church to present my free one-hour disciplemaking workshop.

I wanted to get this to you quickly, so didn’t take time to make a video version.  I’ll try to include that on the next post.

What was in Part 1?

In Part 1 (find it here), I shared how Jesus’ disciplemaking method transformed millions of lives and …

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How to Use Jesus’ Disciplemaking Method ~ Part 1

Jesus’ Disciplemaking Method Converted the Whole Roman Empire: Use it to Transform Your Life and Church

You can watch the video or read the text below–the content is the same.


Thanks for your excellent questions and comments in response to my last email. There is real interest in disciplemaking. Collectively, what people requested is more than I can provide in a couple of posts, so I’ll have to provide some answers in the free one-hour disciplemaking workshop that I am preparing. Until then, in this and my next post is information on Jesus’ method and why we need it.  Watch the video or read below—the content is the same.

I fear that the 80%of U.S. churches that are dying

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I’m Making Some Ministry Changes

Here’s a progress report on my life and ministry:

Book Revision Completed!

At last! After 6+ years of writing and rewriting, I sent my editor the last pages of my book on how to overcome life’s problems and live the Abundant Life Jesus promised. Titled Driving Through Heaven, I plan to publish it this January, 2015.The book will teach you all of God’s basic New Testament principles and skills for living in his Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

New Ministry Direction: Saving Dying Churches

God has directed me to expand my focus to saving as many churches as possible. With 90% of America’s churches in decline, the need is huge. I train pastors and congregations in Jesus’ method of …

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Parenting 101: Part 1 of a Series

What I’ve Learned from 24 Years as a Parent and 30 years of Coaching Parents and Kids

This is the first post of a series on parenting basics, and an excerpt from a free article by the same name in the Free Stuff section of my website.  You can find the entire article here.  In subsequent posts I’ll share what I’ve learned as a dad and what I share with parents that I coach.  As always, please let me know what you think.

You have an ally in God

God knows your frustration when your children make poor choices.  His first two children (Adam & Eve) thought they knew better than he did, and made a terribly poor choice.  It …

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Made to be Like God #5–Our Physical Dimension

This is the last post in the series on the five dimensions God gave us.  When he made us he could have placed us right in heaven.  Why didn’t he?  The answers have important implications for life on earth.

We are Spirits with Bodies

Our spiritual nature is the most important of our dimensions:  spiritual, thinking, emotions, relationships, and physical.  Some reasons why God also gave us bodies:

  • To enable us to enjoy his creation.  Spirits have no physical senses, but God delights making physical things and living with them, and wants us to know that same joy.  Imagine life without being able to smell pies baking, hear babies laughing, see rainbows, taste strawberries, and feel all of the wonderful
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