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My Book is Almost Ready!

Here’s an update on publishing my book


THE BOOK:  Driving Through Heaven: The Complete Guide to Knowing God and Living in His Kingdom on Earth, is an easy-to-read, how-to manual for living the Christian life as God designed it .

  • Teaches all of God’s basic New Testament principles and skills for living the Abundant Life that Jesus promised.
  • No other book is as comprehensive.
  • Will help people deepen their relationship with God, hear his voice, and know his will.
  • Based on Jesus’ disciplemaking method, which the early Church used to grow to over 30 million active members by A.D. 300.

Read 7 complete sample chapters at my new book website:


DTH website screenshot 9.3.15

I just created this new site last

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Made to be Like God #5–Our Physical Dimension

This is the last post in the series on the five dimensions God gave us.  When he made us he could have placed us right in heaven.  Why didn’t he?  The answers have important implications for life on earth.

We are Spirits with Bodies

Our spiritual nature is the most important of our dimensions:  spiritual, thinking, emotions, relationships, and physical.  Some reasons why God also gave us bodies:

  • To enable us to enjoy his creation.  Spirits have no physical senses, but God delights making physical things and living with them, and wants us to know that same joy.  Imagine life without being able to smell pies baking, hear babies laughing, see rainbows, taste strawberries, and feel all of the wonderful
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Made Like God #3

Our Emotional Dimension

This continues my series on how God made us, which I began by describing our five dimensions and focusing on spirituality, and in the second post, describing our intellectual (thinking) dimension.

Our emotions are another way God made us like him, and are his gift to us.  Emotions are spiritual, intellectual, and physical energy that we feel.  All emotions originate as thoughts, as our minds process life events and tell us how to react to them.
Emotions, or feelings, provide us with several things:

  • A life experience like God’s (with the same emotions he has).
  • Breadth and depth to life (imagine how flat life would feel without emotions).
  • Indicators of what is happening in our
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Made to be Like God: The Five Dimensions He Gave Us #2

Our Intellectual Dimension

In the first post of this series, I described how God made us with five dimensions and described the first, and most important one, our spiritual dimension. The second most important is our intellectual dimension, because how we live is based on our beliefs and thinking. Our emotions are created from what our belief system tells us we are to feel at any instant, even though we are rarely aware of that thought process. How we love and relate with others is grounded in our beliefs. And, our beliefs and rules for living determine in large part our physical health and well-being.

Here are the God-designed principles of our intellectual dimension:

  • Knowing God’s absolute truth and reality.
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Made to be Like God: The Five Dimensions He Gave Us #1

When God created us to be like him—you know, “in his image”—he gave us four dimensions identical to his, plus a fifth—a body.  A key to experiencing the Abundant Life God wants us to have is understanding his principles and life skills, and applying them to have a better life.  God’s design is a whole-person (holistic) approach to life.

Here are the five dimensions, in order of importance:

1.    Spiritual
2.    Intellectual
3.    Emotional
4.    Relational
5.    Physical

In this series of weekly posts, I’ll list the elements of each dimension and the skills needed to have the full life Jesus promised us (“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”).  The good news …

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What’s This Blog About?

Most people are not experiencing the Abundant Life Jesus promised us.

I’m on a mission to change that.  Christian living shouldn’t be difficult to understand.  This blog and site is a place to learn God’s practical biblical principles and skills for making your life work better based on his design.  Here and on the pages of my website, I will share with you practical information you can immediately use to more fully become the person God made you to be, and more fully experience the extraordinary life God wants you to live.

God and I want you to have all the blessings he offers us.

Today, I experience a goodly amount of Abundant Living, but it hasn’t always been this …

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