Teaching You to Have More Love, Joy, and Peace

This is the source for learning to live the Abundant Life God promises, such as:

  • Transform your life, marriage, relationships, career, and church
  • Excel at life and overcome what is holding you back
  • Personally know God and his will for your life
  • A better alternative to counseling for most people
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Mark’s March Newsletter

News and information about Mark Gardner’s disciple-making and life-coaching ministries

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  • You can still join us, even if you didn’t come to the info meeting–please RSVP so we know how much food to have: 937-456-6817
  • Subject of our first course: Deepen Your Relationship with God–hear his voice, know his will, understand his plan for humanity
  • We meet weekly – no cost (donations accepted for materials)
  • Light meal at 6 pm: pizza, salad, chips
  • Facebook Small Group Page coming soon


Driving-Through-Heaven-cover-image          Image-title-and-sample-page-for-Driving-Through-Heaven

  • The front cover (above) is finished and I am reviewing the interior layout for any revisions needed (the image above shows the actual title page and page 2)—more info
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What Happens in Disciple-Making Group Meetings?

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This is 3rd in a series about a new ministry that Christie and I will begin in 2 weeks. The first post was Disciple-making small group begins in March.

Last week, in Disciple-making small groups. What Are They? I shared how our group will be like Jesus’ model for training his disciples and what you will learn if you come.


  • What happens in a typical disciple-making group meeting
  • How our small group meetings are different
  • Our whole-person training is life-transforming
  • FAQs about small-group disciple making

What Happens in a Typical Small-Group Meeting?

Christie and I have been leading home-based, small-group bible studies and disciplemaking for over 30 years. In most of …

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Disciple-making small groups. What Are They?

Image of Mark Gardner's disciple-making small group announcement

What Are Disciple-making Small Groups?

As announced last week in my post, Disciple-making small group begins in March, Christie and I will begin a small group in our home patterned on Jesus’ disciplemaking model. Please read that post for the full announcement. Four people have already expressed interest.


  • An overview of Jesus’ disciple-making model
  • How we’ll use Jesus’ model in our group
  • What you’ll learn in our group


When Jesus began his ministry, he needed to train people as quickly as possible to take responsibility for his mission of building God’s kingdom on earth. He didn’t know how much time he had before he would be killed.

He shared with

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Disciple-making small group begins in March

Image of Disciple Making Group Announcement

I'm convinced that the only hope for the future of the American church is to return to Jesus' disciple-making method. In order to provide a place for people to learn his model for training Christ follower to be more like him, I will begin a small group experience similar to that of the home churches in the New Testament.

I will begin leading a disciple-making small group in our home in March for those of you in the Eaton area. 

Here’s the announcement about it.  I hope you can come to the information meeting.


  • Disappointed with traditional churches? Not in a church now?
  • Or, in a church and wanting to learn Jesus’ disciple-making method to teach at your
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Nov. 25 Final Day for Indiegogo Campaign

We’ve reached $2,120 (30%) thanks to recent contributors Rebecca and Mitchell, Donna and Dewayne, Ken, Shari and Wayne, and Don and Dorothy. Recent checks received aren’t included on the Indiegogo page. Thanks again to all who helped us reach this level.


My target date for emailing the PDF version to those who ordered it is currently Dec. 9 (vs. the Dec. 1 date I listed in fundraising info). If you didn’t order a PDF copy, but would like one, I am continuing to take orders. Send me a check for $15 per copy—address at the bottom.

I will be seeking missionary support from churches. Apparently, online crowdfunding is not God’s only plan for funding the book he asked …

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Book Publishing Update


Thanks to many, we’ve reached the 27% funding level at $1,870.  We still need $5, 230 to achieve the Minimum Goal to publish Driving Through Heaven: The Complete Guide to Knowing God and Living in His Kingdom on Earth.

Video Trailer for the Fundraising Campaign

Most people I’ve talked with about the book have told me how busy they are. If you haven’t had a chance to see my Indiegogo campaign page, here’s the video from it:

Please Help Me Publish this Handbook of Christian Living

If everyone I know contributes at least $25 by pre-ordering one paperback copy ($50 for a couple, who can receive 2 paperbacks), we’ll easily reach the

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