About Mark Gardner, M.Min.

For 30 years, Mark Gardner has taught people how to live the abundant life God offers every person (no exceptions), including overcoming the problems and obstacles that prevent it.  He has worked one-on-one with over 3,000 people as an inner city social worker, pastor and spiritual director, psychotherapist and addictions counselor, and since 2005, as a personal Life Skills Coach.  Mark has provided public training on over 100 subjects related to whole-person living (spiritual, thinking, emotions, relationships, physical health, and financial/material well-being).

Mark works by phone with people from anywhere or in his Eaton, Ohio office

As a child, Mark grew up in a middle-class Christian family in Detroit and Saginaw, Mich., and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, a city of 40,000 when he was there.  His mom was a schoolteacher and his dad an orthopedic technician.  A younger brother, younger sister, and a cat or dog completed the family.  He played little league baseball and was an active Cub and Boy Scout for many years.  During college, both of his grandmothers came to live with the family.

Growing up, Mark experienced emotional and spiritual abuse, and suffered from shyness, depression, anxiety, and attention deficit disorder (ADD).  He struggled through school.  In high school, he stopped believing in God and dropped out of church.  He hoped God existed, but had not experienced any proof of it.

At age 24, he nearly committed suicide, but God rescued him, and two years later, Mark confirmed his faith in Jesus Christ.  He’s been serving him ever since.  Mark gradually learned from God how to let God transform his life, heal his heart and depression, overcome addictions, and to live the extraordinary life God designed us to experience on earth.  It took many years for this to happen, and he is still learning.  Mark explains his transformation would have happened sooner, but he is stubborn and a slow learner (lol).  He is grateful to the many teachers, counselors, and coaches God has provided to help him learn.

Though he hated school (almost flunking out of college), with God’s help, Mark earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Management, and a Master’s in Ministry (M.Min.).  After college, he served four years as a U.S. Naval Officer, traveling to Europe, East Asia, and Puerto Rico.  He has been active in churches and community organizations most of his adult life.

He and his wife, Christie, have been married since 1976 (with lots of ups and a few downs), and have lived mostly in small towns.  They have survived raising two smart and creative children into their early 20’s (lol).  Their home is in Eaton, Ohio, 25 miles west of Dayton, where they live with two cats and a dog.  Mark’s coaching practice is a ministry of teaching others everything he has learned about abundant living.

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Gardnercoaching.com Is Your Authority for Information and Training for Living an Extraordinary Life

Here, Mark Gardner is building a source for all you need to be able to live the Abundant Life that Jesus promised us when he said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (   , NIV).  You will find resources on living in all five dimensions with which God made us, personal life skills training, and training for your organization or church.

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About Life Skills Training from Mark Gardner

Mark provides coaching and training in several formats for individuals, couples, organizations, and churches.  About half his personal coaching work is with couples, and he coaches on most subjects and problems of living.

Personal Training Through Life Skills Coaching

  • One-On-One for adults and teens
  • Couple’s
  • Parenting

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Speaking and Group Training

  • Invite Mark to speak on a topic of your choice, on his story of how he learned to live an Abundant Life, or on a topic Mark’s chooses.
  • Mark can provide seminars or workshops on most of the topics found on this site.

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Customized Training for Organizations and Churches

  • Mark provides training in life and leadership skills for organizations, businesses, and churches.
  • Mark specializes in teaching churches how the early Church transformed the Roman Empire and how your church can transform your community and the world.  He teaches how to do one-on-one and small-group disciple making as Jesus did, including how to personally coach others.

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Areas Mark Gardner Does Not Offer Coaching or Training

Mark provides training for people coping with major life issues, including how to live with chronic problems, how to overcome obstacles to Abundant Living, and how to sort through multiple life issues.  However he is not trained in or currently practicing in the following areas:

  • Medical disorders or disease requiring a medical professional
  • Major mental health disorders that produce significant impairment (e.g., major depression or suicide attempts), require medications (e.g., schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder), or require psychotherapy.  Mark previously provided counseling in this area and will be happy to advise you on how to find appropriate care.
  • Legal matters – please consult an attorney
  • Financial planning and issues– please consult a professional financial expert
  • How to buy antiques or fix household plumbing (lol)

Contact Mark Gardner Today!

Phone:  937-456-6817
Email:  mark@gardnercoaching.com