Help Me Improve Chapt. 2 of What One Person Can Do to Fix Their Marriage


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Help Me Make This Book Better, and in return, receive 2 gifts!

This is the 3rd installment of a new book I'm writing for people who need marriage help. The contents will work equally well for all relationships, so even if you are single, or have a great marriage, you can still benefit from the book, will understand it, and can advise me with your reaction and questions.

In the book, I share the same New Testament principles and skills that I've taught for over 30 years to the many individual clients and couples who seek my help alone to save their marriages. Yes, I continue to provide personal Christian life-skills coaching for people (many have been asking recently).

What One Person Can Do is especially intended for folks whose spouses are reluctant to work on improving their relationship. You probably know someone who can benefit from it. Please share this post with them.

I’m blogging each chapter as I finish its draft. Please read the manuscript sections and give me some advice on them, which will greatly help me improve the book before I publish it in digital format.


If you share your advice, questions, and ideas with me, as thank you gifts, I’ll give you:

Please tell me what you think about this Chapter of the book, including any of the following:

  1. Is it any good? Or should I start over?
  2. What is most helpful? What is least helpful?
  3. What questions do you have that I didn’t answer?
  4. Other ideas for improving the manuscript.
  5. What do you think of the icon graphics (e.g., green cross, etc.) and photos?

Comment below, via my Facebook pages, or with email. If you would like to receive more preview chapters of my manuscript, let me know that, too.


Receive immediate access to the manuscript here: Chapter 2 of What One Person Can do to Fix or Improve Their Marriage (or Any Relationship)


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