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Give a Gift That Can Transform Lives

This Christmas, what if you could give loved ones and friends a gift that has God’s potential for transforming their lives? What if you could give them something that would teach them to experience more of the Abundant Life Jesus promised us? Wouldn’t that be one of the best gifts they would receive? Imagine how much better their lives could be living closer to God and the way he designed us to live.

Give your loved ones and friends a tool that explains all of God’s New Testament principles and skills for living

My new book, Driving Through Heaven: The Complete Guide to Knowing God and Living in His Kingdom on Earth, is designed to simply and clearly explain God’s biblical principles and skills for living. Using 500 biblical references, it emphasizes how to apply scriptural precepts to everyday life. It is the most comprehensive handbook on Christian living available (next to the bible).

After reading just part of the book, my friend, Neal, called me to order 5 copies to give his family for Christmas.

My friend, Lou, bought copies for his small group members. And my pastor friend, Jim Chronister, bought copies for his Sunday School class.

For years, national research has shown that most people complain that they don’t understand the bible and how to apply it to life. Even most church members say they would like help applying scripture to life. Driving Through Heaven meets these needs.

Order from me and I’ll sign each paperback copy and write a personal inscription, if you like

You can get paperback or digital (PDF) copies by contacting me directly by phone, email, or Facebook message (my online store is experiencing technical difficulties). My contact info is at the bottom of this post, and in the right-hand column.

There's a 25% off Christmas sale on Driving Through Heaven ordered directly from me

Paperbacks are now $16 (incl. tax)—regular price is $21.42 (incl. tax). Digital (PDF) editions are $7.50 (incl. tax)—regularly $10.69 (incl. tax)

My sale will end Christmas Eve, but to receive paperbacks before then, order soon.

Or, order the paperback edition through your favorite local bookstore.

You can also buy the book at many online retailers:

Read My New Marriage Book for Free

How about a free book to help anyone improve their marriage or any relationship? As I’m writing my newest book, What One Person Can Do to Fix and Improve Their Marriage (or Any Relationship), I’m making the manuscript available for FREE. In the book, I share the same information I have been giving my clients for over 30 years.

Someone you know needs What One Person Can Do to Fix Their Marriage

Please share this post with them. Draft installments are shared in PDF form that you can read online or download and print.

Immediately access the first three sections of my new marriage book here:

To receive links to the next chapters as I finish them, sign up for my email updates using the form on the upper right of this page.

Yes, I Still Offer Christian Life Skills Coaching

That’s the answer to a question almost everyone I meet has been asking me recently. So I thought I’d better let everyone know.

I provide individual, couple’s, and family life coaching by phone from anywhere, and in my Eaton home office.

Currently, I  work by phone with a corporate executive in California, a retiree in Springboro, a writer in Brazil, and occasionally, with an entrepreneur in Tennessee. Plus, I have several clients I meet with in Eaton, including three pastors.

For pastors and churches, I provide training for using Jesus’ disciple-making method to transform and grow their congregations.

I'm presently working with two such ministers.

Contact me if you have questions or want to schedule an appointment.

Personal & Family News

Christie retired from teaching in June and is enjoying doing as little as possible. The job she left was very stressful and she’s still recovering. She helps me with my coaching practice and writing, and is waiting for God to give her her next mission.

Our daughter, Beth, lives nearby and works for a family caring for a woman with Alzheimer's, and cleans a few houses part time.

Our daughter, Molly, helps manage a Preble County program that places social workers in each school district. She lives in a neighboring county. She's engaged and planning the wedding for next July.

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