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My Book is Almost Ready!

Here’s an update on publishing my book


THE BOOK:  Driving Through Heaven: The Complete Guide to Knowing God and Living in His Kingdom on Earth, is an easy-to-read, how-to manual for living the Christian life as God designed it .

  • Teaches all of God’s basic New Testament principles and skills for living the Abundant Life that Jesus promised.
  • No other book is as comprehensive.
  • Will help people deepen their relationship with God, hear his voice, and know his will.
  • Based on Jesus’ disciplemaking method, which the early Church used to grow to over 30 million active members by A.D. 300.

Read 7 complete sample chapters at my new book website:

DTH website screenshot 9.3.15

I just created this new site last

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Mark’s Mission Update

My Mission:

Work as a missionary to save as many of our nation’s 240,000 dying churches as possible by empowering maximum growth and transformation in churches and Christ followers (over 60 declining in my own county).

My Work:

  • Coach and train pastors and churches in Jesus’ disciplemaking method, mission outreach, and healthy congregational living. The early Church used Jesus’ method to grow from 120 in Jerusalem to over 30 million across the Roman Empire and beyond by A.D. 280!
  • Provide Life Skills Coaching to individuals and couples, teaching them God’s biblical principles and skills to overcome issues and have more of Jesus’ Abundant Life.
  • Create digital and print resources to support my mission (blog, books, videos, and training).

2014 Recap

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