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Here is Chapter 1 of Driving Through Heaven

Here’s the complete first chapter for you to read

My fundraiser for publishing Driving Through Heaven: The Complete Guide to Knowing God and Living in His Kingdom on Earth has so far received $765, or 11% of our Minimum Goal of $7,000.  Most of the contributions have been for pre-publication orders of paperback and PDF copies of the book.

I know many people haven’t had time to read any of the sample chapters available at the book website:, so I thought I’d make it easy for you and give you a copy. Please let me know what you think of it.

If you like what you read, please consider pre-ordering copies of the book at the fundraiser website:

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My Story of Writing Driving Through Heaven

What Writer George Orwell and I have In Common

You may have read English novelist George Orwell’s Animal Farm or Nineteen Eighty Four in school. He once said, “Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout with some painful illness.” I totally agree. The book I’m about to self-publish has been a long, difficult experience.

With my book launch this Sat., Oct. 17 in Eaton, and many people asking about the book, I thought I’d share some of my experience.


Facebook Book Launch Event Newsfeed Image 10.2015







God Called One Night

God occasionally wakes me at night when he can’t get my daytime attention. One occurrence was Dec. 1, 1995. When I asked what he wanted …

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I’m Making Some Ministry Changes

Here’s a progress report on my life and ministry:

Book Revision Completed!

At last! After 6+ years of writing and rewriting, I sent my editor the last pages of my book on how to overcome life’s problems and live the Abundant Life Jesus promised. Titled Driving Through Heaven, I plan to publish it this January, 2015.The book will teach you all of God’s basic New Testament principles and skills for living in his Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

New Ministry Direction: Saving Dying Churches

God has directed me to expand my focus to saving as many churches as possible. With 90% of America’s churches in decline, the need is huge. I train pastors and congregations in Jesus’ method of …

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The First Time I Heard God’s Voice

The first time I heard God’s voice was when I was living in Puerto Rico.  As with most who hear his voice, it comes to me as a quiet voice within my mind and heart, not audibly.  But the first time was during a two-year quest to learn who God is.  That adventure began while I was in the U.S. Navy serving aboard a ship in the Mediterranean Sea, which I may relate in another post.  Entering the Navy, I was an agnostic, not convinced that God existed or had done me any good, but I retained a healthy skepticism regarding the divine.  My experience on that ship changed that.

Then, in February 1978, the Navy transferred me to a …

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