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How to Recover from the Death of a Loved One

A friend recently contacted me to ask how to heal after a relative died.  Her loved one was the last of his generation, and his passing left some unresolved family issues, as is true in most families.

What to do to heal your grief when a loved one dies

  • Expect healing to take time 

Expect six months of the worst grief, then gradual healing for about two years total.  Most people tell me they feel much better after the first anniversary of the death, and after the second year, most say they are back to functioning and feeling about the same as before the death.  Of course, for a while to come we may find grief returning around holidays, anniversaries, …

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Made Like God #3

Our Emotional Dimension

This continues my series on how God made us, which I began by describing our five dimensions and focusing on spirituality, and in the second post, describing our intellectual (thinking) dimension.

Our emotions are another way God made us like him, and are his gift to us.  Emotions are spiritual, intellectual, and physical energy that we feel.  All emotions originate as thoughts, as our minds process life events and tell us how to react to them.
Emotions, or feelings, provide us with several things:

  • A life experience like God’s (with the same emotions he has).
  • Breadth and depth to life (imagine how flat life would feel without emotions).
  • Indicators of what is happening in our
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Three Ideas for Finding Daily Peace (Especially at tax time)

Some friends have been stressed about taxes due next Monday. This morning I emailed the following to one of them.

Reconsider time and its pressures.  From God’s perspective, almost nothing needs to be done today, or even this week.  From his perspective, Christ-followers have another one billion days to grow and learn.  A billion days!!!  And another billion after that.  We can relax and learn at a comfortable pace.

It’s easy for us to get trapped by the world’s way of looking at time, and especially American values of getting things done as fast as possible.  Humans love to set deadlines, like April 15 for taxes.  But God wants us to relax and see that little, if anything, is …

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