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Here is Chapter 1 of Driving Through Heaven

Here’s the complete first chapter for you to read

My fundraiser for publishing Driving Through Heaven: The Complete Guide to Knowing God and Living in His Kingdom on Earth has so far received $765, or 11% of our Minimum Goal of $7,000.  Most of the contributions have been for pre-publication orders of paperback and PDF copies of the book.

I know many people haven’t had time to read any of the sample chapters available at the book website:, so I thought I’d make it easy for you and give you a copy. Please let me know what you think of it.

If you like what you read, please consider pre-ordering copies of the book at the fundraiser website:

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Only God can help you make the internal changes you need

To experience the Abundant Life of the fruit of the Spirit, which is lots of love, joy, peace, and rest—God must help. In order to let God change us into the people he created us to become, we must decide to:

  • Stop living according to human, worldly rules.
  • Adopt God’s thinking and behavior.
  • Relinquish our desires.
  • Submit to God’s purpose for us.
  • Follow only Jesus as our Lord, brother, and friend.

The benefits of a transformed life

I know that it sounds difficult to let God change your life, but here are the rewards of his transforming us:

  • God changes us to be like him: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally,
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God’s 4-Page Handbook for Living

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians

If this was the only biblical material you had, it would be enough.  Ephesians is God’s Little Handbook for Living, which runs four pages in my bible.  Because God’s scriptural truths are timeless, this letter  of St. Paul’s is just as helpful today as when he wrote it.

In Ephesians God teaches all the basic principles we need:

  • A description of God.
  • His astonishing plan for humanity.
  • How God relates with us and guides us through his Holy Spirit.
  • His design for living that enables us to experience The Abundant Life on earth (we don’t have to wait for heaven).
  • How to do loving relationships with God and one another.
  • How to care for ourselves,
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Made to Be Like God #4–Relationships

Our Relational Dimension

This is the 4th in a series of five posts on the Five Dimensions with Which God Made us .

Links to the previous posts are at the bottom of this post, and briefly introduce our spiritual, intellectual, and emotional dimensions.

Relationships are 4th in priority because our spiritual health and thinking controls how we act in relationships, and our emotions are essential for communicating.  God made us to live interdependently with him and others.

We cannot experience the Abundant Life he promised us without many caring relationships in which we give and receive love.  Healthy fulfilling relationships are dependent upon how well we use relational skills.

Relational Skills We All Need to do Well

Here are

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Made Like God #3

Our Emotional Dimension

This continues my series on how God made us, which I began by describing our five dimensions and focusing on spirituality, and in the second post, describing our intellectual (thinking) dimension.

Our emotions are another way God made us like him, and are his gift to us.  Emotions are spiritual, intellectual, and physical energy that we feel.  All emotions originate as thoughts, as our minds process life events and tell us how to react to them.
Emotions, or feelings, provide us with several things:

  • A life experience like God’s (with the same emotions he has).
  • Breadth and depth to life (imagine how flat life would feel without emotions).
  • Indicators of what is happening in our
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Made to be Like God: The Five Dimensions He Gave Us #2

Our Intellectual Dimension

In the first post of this series, I described how God made us with five dimensions and described the first, and most important one, our spiritual dimension. The second most important is our intellectual dimension, because how we live is based on our beliefs and thinking. Our emotions are created from what our belief system tells us we are to feel at any instant, even though we are rarely aware of that thought process. How we love and relate with others is grounded in our beliefs. And, our beliefs and rules for living determine in large part our physical health and well-being.

Here are the God-designed principles of our intellectual dimension:

  • Knowing God’s absolute truth and reality.
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