Book Cover Finished / Release Date Pushed to July 1

Driving Through Heaven Cover Completed

driving-through-heaven-full-cover image

I thought you might like to see what the full cover for Driving Through Heaven looks like.

The graphic artist is finishing the final touches on the complete cover as it will go to the printer. The cover will be printed separately on card stock, then wrapped around the printed pages and glued to the spine.

You can view a clearer, PDF version of the full cover art here.

Next in the paperback publishing process will be to print a single copy for me to check that everything looks okay. Meanwhile, work has begun on formatting the book interior into the two digital versions available on the internet.

Book Release Date Moved to July 1, 2016

Last December, when I first estimated the completion of the publishing process, I guessed that it would all be done by now. But this being my first book, I could only go on what my contract publisher told me. Apparently, it takes longer than we thought. I am disappointed to have to move the release date to July 1.

I appreciate the continued interest and encouragement many people have shown, along with your patience as this process unfolds. If you pre-ordered a paperback, I hope this delay will not cause you any problems. All the pre-ordered PDF versions have been sent, so If you pre-ordered a PDF version and have not received it, please let me know and I’ll re-send it.



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